The Winter Lights festival at Canary Wharf is all about enjoying the beauty of light even in the darkest nights of winter.

The exhibition covers, all different sizes of structures, installations, and sculptures from global contributors all demonstrating the amazing variety of ideas that light as a medium can be used for artistically. Many are interactive showcases, encouraging the audience to participate and reflect real time emotions from the response.

The transformational power of light seems to be a key theme throughout be it symbolically or actual. ‘On the Wings of Freedom’ is a shoal of butterflies that the audience can influence the colour of using smart phones: the subject is especially resonant at this time of year, representing transition and new beginning.

Other installations focus on the humanising effect of light and art within cities giving locations a sense of place, for example the Lumen Prize winner – neon silhouettes of refugees searching hopefully for a new home. For the botanists there are huge replicas of plants, using solar power during the day to absorb light and they shine at night representing photosynthesis with phosphorescence. Not to mention the touch-sensitive pads which you can bounce on emitting colourful whirlpools, and this is listing only a few of the incredible internationally acclaimed pieces available.

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