Vogue magazine for so many has always provided a very particular magic window, peering through it you are taken on a journey into a world which houses the most flamboyant of the crafts, fashion.

Ever present in the pages is Haute Couture a world-class craftsmanship: made with rare and unusual fabrics, extreme attention to detail, and using hand-executed techniques by expert dress makers, the end result transcending fashion for something altogether other-worldly. Vogue has managed to make this kind of exceptional craft something you can carry in your handbag – bringing inspiration in the finest detail en masse – a story via images.

If the exhibition wasn’t titled, ‘100 years of Vogue’, the photographs on display would still conjure up the magazine in your mind: such has been the strength of the concept of Vogue since the start, that a certain type of image is immediately synonymous with the title and despite having numerous editors, stylists, contributors etc. not to mention spanning decades, it still manages to fulfill the founder Arthur Turnure’s intention to celebrate the “ceremonial side of life” and long may the ceremony continue.

Coco Rocha in Alexander McQueen February 2006

Tickets £19.00

Daily 10.00 – 18.00
 Thursdays and Fridays until 21.00.

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