On the 17th September, Turner Prize-winning architecture collective Assemble will occupy Clerkenwell London’s ground-floor platform and windows as part of Design Undefined for The London Design Festival. This inspiring addition to the second instalment of our celebration of convention-crushing creativity will see the globally celebrated team exhibit pieces from Granby Workshop, the offshoot of Assemble’s ongoing work on the community restoration of Liverpool’s derelict Granby Street neighbourhood.

We got the low-down on Granby Workshop’s plans for Design Undefined as preparations for the London Design Festival continue.

Where did the idea for Granby Workshop come from?
We were interested in exploring ideas around enterprise as a potential additional output of
regeneration – creating alternative applications for the large capital investment it requires. We wanted to create a business that could support the culture of hands-on creativity and direct action that has been so transformative for the Granby Four Streets.

What will you be showing at Design Undefined for LDF 2016?
Products from the first collection of Granby Workshop products. Bathroom tiles, light-pulls, door handles and a mantlepiece.

What excites you about exhibiting at Clerkenwell London?
It’s a great platform for Granby Workshop to introduce our products to a design audience in London.

What are the influences and inspirations behind the work you are showing?
Residents and environment of the Granby Four Streets in Toxteth.

In what way does Granby Workshop challenge convention?
Granby Workshop is a new business making experimental products for homes that has grown out of the community-led rebuilding of the Granby neighbourhood in Toxteth, South Liverpool. All products are manufactured using processes which embrace chance and improvisation, so each product made is unique. Granby Workshop is one of a set of projects that are the result of an ongoing collaboration between the design collective Assemble and Granby residents. Assemble’s practice seeks to address the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made. Granby Workshop is one of the independent organisations that has been established by Assemble that are not only designed in terms of their physical and material aspects,
but also in how they are organised, the culture they support and the kind of activities they provide for.

How will it be presented?
Tiled panels will hang above two tables crowded with of our BBQ-ed handles. Di-bond panels will illustrate the context and narrative of the project.

What led you to exhibit at Clerkenwell London for LDF 2016?
We were asked!

Where can people buy your products?
All products will be available at

Granby Workshop can be found at Clerkenwell London’s Design Undefined for the duration of The London Design Festival 17, 19 – 24 September.

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