Modern travel is all about adventure and authentic experiences, exploring the world without being tied to plans. Wandering between city to town, countryside to beach, discovering that little known café or bar and whiling away an afternoon chatting to locals and watching time drift away.

Bugaboo, famous for their customisable prams, realised that the modern traveller needed luggage that adds to the adventure and makes the journey the easiest experience possible. And so the Bugaboo Boxer was born.

Bugaboo knows that the contemporary wanderer wants an adventure without compromising on luxury and comfort. Business and leisure trips are no longer interchangeable, every spare moment between meetings is seized to explore and discover. The Bugaboo Boxer is designed to change with your trip, everyday it can be customised for needs, whether that’s a day working in a local coffee shop or a hike through the countryside.

Clerkenwell London is proud to be the UK exclusive showroom, with the design-led Bugaboo Boxer fitting seamless within our multi-sensory experience, adding to the design of the space, reflecting how the luggage aids your experience of the world.

Speaking at the launch of the Bugaboo Boxer, creative director and founder Max Barenburg said, ‘we want to change the way people experience travel, our vision is we want people to move freely through the world.’

The Bugaboo Boxer is a series of interlocking suitcases and bags which click together with a detachable chassis. The chassis is modelled on the steering system and foldable design of the best-selling Bugaboo Cameleon pram. With four wheels it is designed to be pushed rather than pulled, revolutionising travelling.

The entirely unique design stands out from the barrage of two-wheeled standard suitcases at the luggage collection or in the departure lounge, with its sleek modular design. With a hold luggage case, a cabin case with an inside clothes rucksack and perfectly sized laptop bag that clips on the back to store the items you need when on the go, such as tickets and passports. It even has a coat clip.

Bugaboo Boxer will change the way you travel for the better, making everything a little bit easier whilst allowing you to experience your destination with as much freedom as possible. This combined with the top in contemporary and practical design, it is the much have travel accessory.

Come and see it for yourself at Clerkenwell London, the exclusive UK showroom of the Bugaboo Boxer.

Clerkenwell London are proud to be the exclusive UK showroom of the Bugaboo Boxer and held the UK launch of this cutting-edge product from one of the world’s most innovative product designers. We have the full collection sizes and colours of the Bugaboo Boxer range where you can try out the interlocking chassis system and find what works for you

The Bugaboo Boxer showroom is available at Clerkenwell London Autumn/Winter 2016/17.

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