Circ-Cell skincare are completely revolutionising skincare, approaching it as much as an art as a science to create products using unusual techniques with innovative, specialist ingredients.

Yearning after a simple, cleaner life, founder Maya Crothers left behind big-city Dallas to small-town Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Maya always diligently updated her skin care regime and she noticed that rituals that worked well in Wyoming were less effective when she travelled back to Texas for business or out to the coast for family vacations. She saw a gap in the market for skincare that could adapt to travel and changes in environment.

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As we grow older, our skincare needs evolve, this combined with varying environmental conditions requires a routine that works hard. Meeting the highest demands of discerning skin care connoisseurs, Maya used the demanding environment of Jackson Hole to develop and test a carefully formulated line combining the laser precision of science with a sensual luxury experience.

The skincare science-revolution

Circ-Cell are one of the few brands to ferment facial oils, marking a dramatic departure from traditional oils. Fermenting the oils drastically increases the amount of free fatty acids that can access the epidermis actually creating new moisture within the skin, compared to traditional oils which just sit on top of the skin aiming to retain moisture already there.

As a former engineer, Maya isn’t afraid to use highly potent ingredients that give real results. Circ-Cell’s collagen masks use native bovine collagen which is 97% identical to human collagen, the highest concentration of stable collagen available on the market. These collagen masks deliver billions of pure, skin identical fibers and peptides to restore healthy, plump skin.

BTX, a combination of non-evasive chemicals is a star ingredient. Maya uses active BTX in the ABO+|- serums for advanced plumping and hydration as contains more oxygen than human blood.

Maya’s unusual philosophy

“At Circ-Cell we fundamentally believe in a balanced approach to skincare. Rather than attaching formulations to one ingredient, one technology, etc. as many brands do we attempt provide a variety of technologies that all work together in harmony across our skincare products.

I believe that, like a balanced diet that consists of many foods and food groups providing a vast array of nutrients, our skin care must provide the same balanced diet to our visage…and we demand that our products work in all climates and under all conditions. Our approaches to skincare makes sense in today’s busy and constantly moving world. We truly strive to provide effective yet luxurious skincare that appeals to the sensibilities of modern women everywhere who strive for balance. For us, balance is truly a modern day luxury. ”

Circ-Cell treatments are available at The Well, Clerkenwell London. From £40.00.


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