Cats Brothers are taking the London street style scene to new heights with their daring collections of embroidered and embellished jumpers, jackets and t-shirts.

We caught up with founder Lindsay McKean to find out more about her playful, vibrant collection.

First the questions everyone wants to ask, why cats?

The name came from a piece of dodgy art that Anna (co-founder) and I came across in a Hungarian warehouse. A badly painted picture of 2 rather demented looking cats with crossed eyes and the words CATS BROTHERS emblazoned across it. The painting spoke to us both and we knew it had to mean something!

How did Cats Brothers come about? I’ve heard stories of Mexican food?

Anna and I met working together in a textile design studio and after work we would hit up our favourite spot CRAZY HOMIES and sink many, many margaritas (and an occasional taco) to a background soundtrack of West Coast 90’s rap and discuss creating a knitwear collection….as you do. It only seemed fitting to name our first collection after the place where it all began!

We also caught up with bold collage artist Kara Bieber. Read her Q&A here.

Your first collection was inspired by rappers and the Day of the Dead, your current collection features embroidered emojis. How do you choose your theme for each collection?

It does tend to be pretty much whatever visual, graphic, musical, pop culture reference is preoccupying my thoughts at the time.

Cats Brothers Goa jacket

What’s your collection at Clerkenwell London inspired by, what’s the theme? And what’s your favorite piece?

The AW16 collection was inspired by my trip to Goa last winter and in fact the Cat on Wheels imagery was taken from a large hand-carved wooden statue that stood in the doorway of the house we were staying in, then the rich colour palette and decorative embroidery followed on from that. The Goa jacket is definitely my favourite piece!

Your designs have been worn by Ellie Goulding, Jordan Dunn and Lily Allen. If you could dress any celebrity who would it be?

Tyler the Creator, Chloe Sevigny or Miss Piggy.

What does a Cats Brothers Christmas look like this year?

It looks like a cat tangled in tinsel and garlands hanging off the Christmas tree… which will summarise my mental state trying to finish the AW17 collection in time no doubt!

Cats Brothers A/W16 collection is in store and online now.

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