Sometimes a Toblerone, a book and an orange doesn’t cut it as a stocking filler, so we’re on hand with our top five luxury stocking fillers by intriguing and exciting designers from London, France and Sweden. Each gift has been carefully designed, some using skills passed down within families, to create a product that is truly unique. Perfect for those you love the most.

Nach Bijoux Flamingo stapler

Nach Bijoux Flamingo stapler

Nach was born out of a love for jewellery combined with a family legacy in porcelain, with the founders Nadia and Nancy Koch’s father a world leader in porcelain miniatures. Nadia and Nancy take their family background and transform the skill into high end, bold jewellery and accessories, featuring tropical animals and vibrant colours. They often juxtapose the smooth porcelain with other materials such as gold-plate, fabric and leather to create truly unique pieces, all of which are handmade and hand-painted.

This flamingo stapler is the dream gift for the creative in your life who dreams of a desk that matches their personality. Prices start from £32.00 for earrings to £105.00 for a bracelet. The Flamingo stapler is £55.00. Available at Clerkenwell London.

Cats Brothers Love Cat Emjoi Sweater

Love Cat Emoji sweater

Hackney based Cats Brothers are a luxury streetwear brand with a real sense of humour, taking inspiration from everything from rappers to emojis and the Day of the Dead. Their current collection features this hand crocheted love cat emoji sweater. Prices start from £95.00 for a t-shirt. The Love Cat Emoji sweater is £180.00. Available at Clerkenwell London.

Nomad Moltair Watch

Nomad watches Moltair watch

Nomad is a Scottish watch brand with a contemporary, modern style but retaining traditions of valuing true craftsmanship ad quality. Nomad collaborate with designers the world over, to create watch designs inspired by the designers work and backgrounds. This season’s collaboration with with London based Samuel Wilkinson, designer of the Plumen 001 lighting. Entitled Moltair the watch delicately interplays between clean lines and soft curves with Wilkinson immersing himself in the manufacturing of the watch and carefully handpicking each material. Available from £185.00. Available at Clerkenwell London.

Discover more unusual gift ideas with our guide, 8 artisan gifts with a story to tell. 

Klong Lamp

Klong large copper lamp

Like Nomad, Swedish brand Klong collaborate with designers the world over who are inspired by nature and their personal environments to create functional yet beautiful products. This modern oil lamp is designed by architects and designers Broberg and Ridderstrale, minimalist expressionists who use their Stockholm surroundings as their main source of inspiration. This geometric lamp is crafted from untreated copper and glass, with traditional detailing in the centre, giving the old-fashioned oil lamp a new lease of life and transport it to the 21st century. Prices from £100.00 for the mini lamp to £267.00 for the large (pictured here). Available at Clerkenwell London.

Alix D. Reynis candles

Alix D Reynis candles

Parisian sculptor and interior designer Alix creates intricate candles, ceramics and jewellery in her French studio. For her candles, Alix takes traditional Limoges porcelain and hand crafts cups to fill with beautifully fragrant, vegetable wax enhanced with top quality essential oils. A delightful gift for anyone who likes a fresh-scented home, the outer designs of the candles make these the perfect addition to a home.  Prices start from £42.00 for a plate, the candles are £60.00 and are available in a variety of scents and patterns. Available at Clerkenwell London.

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