French sister partnership Nach Bijoux are taking the jewellery world by storm with their unique and whimsical collection of porcelain jewellery and accessories. From flamingo staplers to toucan earrings and panther bracelets, their work is inspired by the tropical and wild, all crafted from delicate porcelain, their skills learnt from their father, one of the world’s most respected porcelain miniature makers.

How did your father inspire you and your work?

We are two sisters at the heart of the French brand Nach. Our father has been into the porcelain miniatures’ creation for more than 30 years. We therefore grew up in this world, and have used this know-how to design our own jewellery.

What is it about porcelain you love?

Porcelain of course makes all the difference as it magnifies the fineness of the details, gives a very soft touch, and also ensures that the piece will stay as it is forever…

Describe Nach in three words?

Unique, fascinating, animal

What does a Nach Christmas look like?

Nach Christmas is happy, funny & exotic. But also heart-warming and always surrounded by our beloved ones.

How did you get the name, Nach?

Nach comes from Nadia and Nancy Koch, names and surnames of the two co-founding sisters

What are your favourite pieces from this collection and why?

Nancy: The “Big Cats”, like the leopard and the cheetah, because at the same time they look cute but also powerful and wild – all the more when they are on a ring or a necklace!

Nadia: My favourite pieces right now are the ones from the “Swan” collection (earrings and necklace). The ostrich feathers combined with the porcelain really make the pieces look very stylish and pure. I very like also the parrot rings or the toucan earrings because of the colour and the style of this pieces.

… And of course our new shirts, part of our very first ready to wear collection. I love the prints of course, designed by Nancy (and especially the frutti one), which makes you travel each time. And I love the small porcelain piece on them, tiny detail which makes it so special!


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