Camille Walala Clerkenwell London Vinyl Lounge


Camille Walala’s vibrant, bold, digital designs are taking over London, one street at a time. From barges in Regent’s Canal, to street corners in east London and crossings in Southwark, Walala’s world is merging into reality.

Inspired by the 1980s Memphis movement, Walala loved the playful graphics and bright colours which now flood into her own geometric designs. But her larger than life murals that cover the facades of buildings across London are more recent works, having begun her career in textile design with a degree from the University of Brighton.

“My work started with a strong foundation in fashion and fabric design. Since then I have adapted my work to be used across many surfaces using different materials. For example, sometimes I apply my work solely with paint, on other occasions I may introduce fabric or vinyl. I also love to work with digital mediums.”

Her style, as well as the medium, has evolved, incorporating her influences including the Ndebele tribe and Optical Art master Vasarely, into her signature brand of Tribal POP art with the simple aim of putting a smile on everyone’s face when they spot one of her eye-catching works.

Walala has collaborated with everyone from Transport for London, to create a ‘Walala crossing’ as part of Bankside’s Avenue for Art to concept store Clerkenwell London, taking over their Vinyl Lounge for London Design Festival 2016 and their Front Room for Christmas 2016 with vibrant geometric, tribal shapes.

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Speaking on her Vinyl Lounge takeover, Walala said she would like to completely immerse the visitor into her world by playing with perspective: “So depending on where you stand within the room the stripes on the ceiling or floor (for example) can appear to be of either a different scale or a uniform scale. The furniture can be created from cut blocks of foam that will be covered with material that I will design. The shapes will be taken from the design of the wall so there is a connection between the two.”

Walala’s world is certainly one we all want to be a part of, with a positive vibrancy illuminating every corner. Watch this space, we’re sure to see a lot of Walala prints in the coming months!

Camille Walala’s Front Room takeover is at Clerkenwell London, 155 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3AD until early 2017. 

Camille Walala Clerkenwell London
Camille’s takeover of the Front Room at Clerkenwell London.

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