Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday or the very best day of the year, it is a reason to celebrate and that means wine. Clerkenwell London’s resident wine expert Pauline Vicard has chosen five wines all perfect to share with all the people you love whether that’s your spouse, best friend or on your own. Because we all need a treat.

Valentine's Day wines Clerkenwell London

Anno Domini 47AD Prosecco DOC Millesimetto 2015

Just as love evolves and changes with age so does a vintage wine, in this case Prosecco. As this vintage gets older, the wine gains extra depths and layers of flavour, in the same way that a relationship gains memories and evolves.

Apostrophe Stone’s Throw: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc: Great Southern, Australia

This blend of three grapes reflects the beautiful combining of personalities, just like our relationships. Riesling offers freshness and brightness, Gewurztraminer gives aromatic undertones of rose and lychee and Pinot Blanc presents a floral delicacy. Three grapes that are delightful alone, but even better together.

Biutiful Malbec, Mendoza, Agentina

This wine is simply beautiful, perfect for making loved ones feel special.

Ersnt Gouws, Malbecr, South Africa

The round label on this fruity, classic Malbec represents the unity between the terroir and the environment but also the unity of the family that owns the winery. The wine to share with your family.

Astralabe, Chene Bleu, 2011

The label of this wine has the couple Abelard and Eloise from the famous French story, sat at their laptops drawn in an almost medieval style. This wine, the Astralabe is younger, fresher and fruiter and an easier drink than their more mature Abelard wine. The label even has a little challenge for drinkers: find the six white rabbits and let the winery know and they will send you a gift. This is all about sharing the love of wine with each other the community.


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